Case Study

MB Century

Project Target: Geothermal Drill Rig Mobilisation
Origin: Tabaco City, Philippines
Destination: Lihir Island, Papa New Guinea

Scope of Work – Moving a full land based drilling rig from Tabaco in the Philippines through to Lihir Island in PNG and the challenges associated with the move is what sets TGI apart from other within the forwarding industry. TGI was contacted by MB Century in February this year and asked by the logistics team to provide an economical and rapid solution for this rig move. TGI was able to secure the rate Century required, and was able to provide a suitable vessel and on ground support in Tabaco. TGIs scope of works was to supply cranes and trucks as well arranging for permits and escorts for the rig move. With over 100 truck movements between the laydown area and the port and the busy streets of Tabaco, the job had its fair share of traffic problems. TGI was thankful that our office in the Philippines was able to coordinate with the local police force and kept traffic delays to a minimum.
The entire move went smoothly as the TGI operations team was deployed into the Philippines to start the organisation from the laydown area through to the wharf in Tabaco. TGI completed the vessel loading in 3 days even with rain and other vessels coming and going into the port. The total load was 7500 cbm with cargo from Makassar as well as Tabaco. TGI was selected by MB Century due its excellent knowledge of the Philippines and its understanding of the customs and shipping procedures. TGI is proud to have been selected for this project and the ongoing support to MB Century for the Lihir Drilling program.

RESULT: Successful mobilisation and delivery to Lihir island