Case Study

Svitzer Salvage Coordination of Grounded Vessel

Project Target: Refloat the Pasha Bulkar, July 2007
Origin Country: Newcastle, Australia

Scope of Work – The vessel had run aground during extreme weather conditions near Newcastle, Australia.

Preparations for this salvage included the supply of logistics equipment, helicopters, manpower and trucks which were all used to ferry the Svitzer salvage gear to and from the site. The main objective was to assist in preparing the vessel for regaining buoyancy and oil transfer to reduce chances of pollution. The first attempt succeeded in turning the vessel lightly but considerable swell and breakers resulted in two of the 3 tug wires breaking and one of the 3 ground tackles parting.

The operation included 120 truck loads and 140 flights with the helicopters supplied. These included lifts up to 3,000kgs.

RESULT – The vessel was successfully refloated and stabilised offshore