Case Study

Troy Resources

Project Target: Relocation of Complete Gold Mine Plant
Origin: Cobar, New South Wales
Destination: San Juan, Argentina

Scope of WorkTGI were appointed by Troy Resources, Perth as the nominated forwarder in July 2009 for the transportation of a complete gold mining facility from Cobar, NSW to Zarate in Argentina.

From ex site in Northern New South Wales, Australia, Townley Group International managed the functions of container purchasing, land transportation to and from the site covering both road and rail, crane leasing, packing each container whilst tagging individual strategic pieces, labour, export customs clearance and vessel charter for a combination 60 × 20ft/40ft containers and 3,500 cubic metres of break bulk cargo including 32 out of gauge loads to the Port of Newcastle for shipping to Zarate, Argentina. Our staff were on site for a total of 6 weeks and upon completion created the shipping manifest for the charter vessel and Argentinean customs processing. The final out of gauge load being 1x piece at 55 tons / 230 cubic metres required us to bring in a 100T crane and a ten line axle specialised trailer. State permits to transport the Mill Shell to Newcastle sea port were also applied for and granted.

Currently the cargo is in storage at Newcastle where it is being consolidated with other freight being sent through to meet the vessel’s departure early November.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are being used for the first time by TGI on this project in order for our client to enjoy further peace of mind when it comes to ‘asset management’. Over 150 tags will be placed onto critical items that are either packed in one of the many containers or make up part of the various break bulk pieces. This will ensure easy access when the cargo arrives at its new site in Argentina. The RFID tags will also act as the cargo’s tracking system that allows both our customers’ and TGI staff to pin point the cargo wherever it maybe on the journey across the Pacific Ocean and through the Cordillera De Lipez mountain range through to San Juan.

TGI are the first freight forwarder within the Australasian region to use RFID to track non containerized cargo. This illustrates our commitment and willingness to adapt to customer needs in terms of utilising cutting edge technologies.

TIMEFRAME: 16 weeks
RESULT: In Progress