GPS Tracking, Radio Frequency Identification and Asset Management

Townley Group International are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Wavetrend to bring GlobalEyes©, a real time asset tracking and condition monitoring system, composed of an asset monitoring unit (AMU) and a network communications center called the Information Management Bureau (IMB), to the freight forwarding industry in a world first achievement.

The AMU is equipped with a sensor suite that communicates with the web-accessible IMB via mobile, satellite, or through another unit via wireless LAN. Because GlobalEyes© utilises publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required. The IMB is a global intelligence center that provides data on a need-to-know basis to designated stakeholders via encrypted media. This assures that all stakeholders in the logistics process are able to access real time knowledge of the “where, when and condition” of cargo and containers 24/7.

The system incorporates patented integrated RFID solution, which uniquely combines GSM, GPS based tracking with RFID monitoring and security. With this we are able to monitor assets in building and yards with lower cost RFID Networks and for those mission critical, high value assets travelling the world we can continue to monitor and protect them with our GSM/GPS based solutions.